Edward J. Liebig

MSc IT/IA - A.F.&A.M./Shriner

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Professional Services Experience


Vice President, Global Security Services                                                                                                                                                                                            

I was the senior executive leading the security delivery capabilities companywide with nine directors/VP's and 130 direct reports while leveraging a virtual workforce of over 320 additional resources. Areas of responsibility include Strategic Consulting, Technical Consulting (to include penetration testing, forensic analysis, and War Gaming), Physical Security, Industrial Control System Security, Security Product Implementation and Systems integration, and Fully Managed Security Services.

Key Results

  • Consolidation of security personnel from across Unisys.
  • Transformed the organization to a service-centric execution model, which contributed or led to:
    • I drove the turnaround and salvage of key client “at-risk” engagements and relationships from dissatisfaction to the purchase of more services from our security team.
    • Identify and negotiate alliance partnership opportunities.
    • The identification of additional sales opportunities in established client environments.
    • Nurturing client relationships to establish long term partnerships and lucrative sales opportunities.
    • Through my client relationship approach, I grew one client from a $2m security consulting engagement into a $44m MSSP contract that is still growing. My practice grew another client from a quick security assessment into a $10m+ security roadmap project that may culminate in an MSSP contract. 
    • I led the strategic direction for very high visibility projects, both commercial and the public, to high client accolades.
    • Better visibility into global assets, costs, and revenue by consolidating the security teams globally.
    • Aligned uniformity amongst delivery methods and sales approaches globally.
    • Instrumental in establishing key alliance partnerships for specialty security capabilities.

Key Initiatives/Activities

The following are client engagements and programs crafted and implemented under my watch.

  • Cybersecurity readiness and program creation for Super Bowl 50 – Worked with the City, State, and local Police, Fire Departments, light rail, FBI, DHS, NFL, CBS, and surrounding community governments to establish security response and a comprehensive Concept of Operations guideline that was used up through the event and is now a standard. I received accolades from all stakeholders.
  • Data Center consolidation – Migrated 53 State data centers down to three while creating centralized cloud-based security capabilities leveraged across the various government agencies. (Physical move and testing of compute assets in under 60 days).
  • One of the leadership team responsible for negotiating and integrating Unisys Micro-segmentation software on Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Redesign network segmentation between IT and OT environments to safeguard critical infrastructure in two energy companies.
  • Assembled, empowered, and led a global team of CISO advisors that work with clients to set strategic objectives and achieve improved security program results.


CSC Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Managing Partner & Global CTO, Cybersecurity Consulting                                                                                                                                                         

I led the creation of security consulting offerings (pertinent to all aspects of internationally recognized security standards) across the global organization with 6 Directors and 85 direct reports. I tailored our teams’ approaches and solutions to fit geographically specific standards and regulations. Guided and provided Quality Assurance (QA) for the strategy, delivery, and execution of consulting services for CSC's "Global 1000" clients. I served as the alliance director for the Cybersecurity consulting team to forge business partner relationships.

Key Results 2013-2014

  • Responsible for the successful delivery of consulting services across all accounts globally.
  • Standardization of the methodologies and delivery capabilities across geographic regions and industry verticals.
  • The initiation of 18 new strategic consulting services globally (most recently completed the creation and launch of CSC’s Global Incident Response Program) which contributed or led to:
    • 31 New Global 1000 clients.
    • 20 New Managed Security Service Opportunities worth multiple millions of dollars.
    • 153 Consulting engagements supporting over 60 global clients.
    • Cybersecurity consulting offerings and initiatives span across the Financial Services, Chemical, Energy, Natural Resources, Manufacturing, Health Care, Telecommunications, and Retail Industry verticals.

Cybersecurity North American Practice Director                                                                                                                                                                           

The leader of the strategic and tactical/technical Cybersecurity teams for the Americas. Directed staff activities, hiring, and retention. Instrumental in maintaining the pipeline of opportunities and closing new business. Successfully kept staffing and execution capabilities throughout the overall CSC business transformation process. 

Key Results

  • Fostered relationships and cross-selling opportunities between the legacy silos of sales channels.
  • Made significant contributions to the “go forward” operational strategies for the emerging operating model.
  • Continued to grow client relationships for follow-on and related project work.
  • Further developed, defined, and packaged our Industrial Control System assessment offering.


Principal Security Architect                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I consulted with hundreds of clients for strategic and tactical business and technical security initiatives. Project managed teams as large as 85 consultants on any given engagement. I developed and socialized security methodologies and an assessment program that addresses the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorist Standards (CFATS) Regulatory requirements for the Chemical Sector (which has become a standard offering).

Key Results

  • Directed the development of CSC’s Enterprise Security Roadmap (ESR) methodology.
  • Empowered client organizations to avoid, minimize or transfer the risk and impact of security challenges.
  • Successfully performed security program assessments, threat analysis, risk assessments, and remediation roadmaps for over a hundred chemical facilities across the globe.
  • The ESR and ICS assessment methodologies have become the basis for CSC's Smart Grid, Smart Mine, ICS, and Information Security Road-mapping and assessment processes.
  • Instrumental in obtaining follow-on and related project work with the majority of engagements.
  • Received only positive feedback on all project work with clients.

Ajilon LLC, Reston VA                                                                                                                                                                              

Project Manager/Director/Staff Manager                                                                                                                                                                                

As an integral part of the development of Ajilon's Information Security practice, I provided IT Management Consulting with a focus on security, networking, and business continuity planning. I was a member of the Managed Services Security (MSS) team based out of Reston, VA, deployed nationwide from St. Louis, MO.

  • I managed ten direct reports (billable consultants) to guide customers through the implementation and deployment of IT, Security, and Business Continuity Planning initiatives. Delivered projects accurately, on time, and according to budget.
  • Congruently, I managed client engagement, including System Transformation, Extranet, Internet Application Development, Business Continuity Planning, Web Application Design Security, and LAN/WAN Expansion.

Key Results

  • Aligned and established security governance for global business units across 52 countries
  • Designed, justified, implemented, and improved a decentralized security governance program
  • Empowered business units to meet business objectives while maintaining security and compliance
  • Served as a member of the executive management committee on special studies and new product selections